20 April, 2008

Update and stuffs

It's been awhile :)
I've gotten settled in, started classes, and enjoying the things i've been missing in California for far too long. And i've got to say, the Mexican food is damn good.

Also, i've got a new work-flow that's been really eye opening in terms of thinking and being more productive. One of the main reasons comes from my classes and what was said to me about trying different approaches without worrying so much about the end result. The pretty pictures will come with time, just have to keep pushing. And hopefully I can keep it up.

These are from the mentoring project i'm involved with on conceptart.org. The painting on the left, and the reference on the right. Much thanks to Tom for all the help!

And here's some silhouette practice. I took a different approach to this than when I normally sketch. I had the 'mysterious traveler' thing in mind along with the characters wearing multiple layers of clothing. I think it just looks cool.

That's all for now.
Take care,


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