11 February, 2008

First transmission!

Figured to finally get myself a little space on the interweb I can call my own.. and share some scribbles and thoughts. Why not..

For those that don't know me, I'm an art student from Oklahoma. Graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 2007 and am moving to Encinitas, California in the next few weeks to continue my studies. I've been in Oklahoma for most of my life, minus the 4 years in Rhode Island. And now it's time to see what California has to offer.

In conjunction with this blog is gorillaartfare.com, an art collective of massive proportions. It launched at the end of January and the talent there is giant. Right now is the time to take my work a lot more seriously and the combination of this blog with GA is a tremendous catalyst.

And a mish-mash of sketches to get things started...

This place will serve as a forum for others to view my work and also as a 'hub' of sorts to share knowledge and information. Leave any comments or crits if you want, they're always welcome.

Take care,



Jordy-Bear said...

Maximum Jordan Roll. Up and running... sort of.

Ryan Bowlin said...

Great to see you, Zord! The new stuff is looking great. That guy looks a lot like a certain KC I know and love. Heh. Prolly not tho. I've been meaning to get my own blog up and running but have been busy with work and such. I need to really get crack a lackin'. It's nice to have a new place to check out your stuff tho! I'll be looking forward to seeing more! Keep it going and congratz on the move the CA!