03 December, 2013

New work!... and Massive Black workshop 2013!

Hey everybody, here’s some recent work (first guns, ever!) along with a couple of portraits.  Heading to Los Angeles tomorrow for the Massive Black workshop...super excited!

01 March, 2013

Hello everyone!  Just wanted to let you guys know about my new SITE!  Johnnydraws.com is easy enough to remember, right?

13 February, 2013

Who knows? Mr. Svenonius knows.

Ian Svenonius has been a key figure in the Washington DC music scene.  Other than being the front man for numerous bands in the past, he's also the host of Soft Focus- an online talk show where he interviews other musicians (it's great, by the way.)  Now, go listen to Nation of Ulysses.

For those unfamiliar with his work:

- Nation of Ulysses
- The Make Up
- Soft Focus

08 February, 2013

Sagan study... updated

Sagan + PS tomfoolery

Spikes To You!

Portrait... finished!  

I've been a huge fan of Rick Froberg's music for a long time.  (He's also great with ink.)  I don't really do much fan-art, so this is like my version of that.  But more like a tribute and homage.  Now, go listen to Jehu forever.

For those unfamiliar with his work:
Hot Snakes
Drive Like Jehu