24 August, 2012

new project!

The first image is the start of a new project!  While at the Massive Black workshop I was inspired and decided to finish a sketchbook from beginning to end- the only stipulation being that each page has to be finished to my satisfaction.  The inspiration stemmed from seeing a couple of fellow Gorilla, Rod Luff's work in person.  Excited to see where this goes!

The other two are studies from a couple weeks ago that weren't posted.  Thanks for looking!


Denizen said...

hahaha the fox is great! so that top image is your first moleskine page? Great man, look forward to seeing your progress on that project. Little birdie looks like it's wings are clipped though.

Johnny said...

Thanks, man. The ref for the bird was a little strange, probably should have compensated for the wings but oh well. And you should see Fantastic Mr. Fox if you haven't already. Hope the move is going smoothly.