17 November, 2011

Massive Black Sexy Tornado


These are a few pieces that I printed in preparation for the Massive Black workshop in San Francisco.  I've posted most of these before but figured it would be nice to see them all together for posterity's sake.  Finally got around to making a brush out of a seal of my name (say that 5 times fast) that was carved in Taiwan two New Year's ago.  Figured it would be easier and more visually interesting than putting a signature on the prints.  The stamp itself is made of ox bone or ox tooth or something... I forget.  I also got business cards printed.  Yay for being official! 

The last week has been super stressful and full of anxiety and pressure.  Balancing work alongside drawing, painting, and portfolio prep has been hectic as hell.  Combine that with friend's birthdays pretty much everyday this week and you've got the perfect storm... or perfect sexy tornado, whichever you prefer.  Totally worth it though.  Can't wait to have a drink or two with old friends and finally meeting others from the Gorilla Artfare crew.  Not to mention the insane amount of information that will be overloaded upon my brain.  This upcoming week is going to be electric.  Yeaaaboiii!

I'll be updating this thing every day so be on the lookout.  Cheers.


devin platts said...

I'm suuuuuuuuper jealous that I don't get to go D:

Johnny said...

Sucks that you won't be there man... but you can at least live vicariously through us!

joshmc said...

awesome as always man.

ashley mackenzie said...

Really lovely bird drawings, especially that somewhat skeptical owl! You'll rock that workshop for sure!

Johnny said...

Josh - Thanks, mayne. Hope you make it down from Chi-town for the holly-daze.

Ashley - Your comments are always appreciated! Hope to see more work from you soon.