13 January, 2011

Weekends are never fun unless you're around here too

It was about time to draw another owl... so I did.  Pencil with touch ups in PS.  Hope you guys like it!


Tim said...

Your birds have no end of cuteness. This image suffers from a few balance issues though. The owl is to close to the brown stripe at the bottom, and the blue circle isn't centered between the two brown stripes. I do like how the feet protrude outside of the circle. Maybe the circle could be slightly smaller to make for more room for a gap between the feet and the brown stripe? This is just my preference but I'd like to hear your thoughts on it. I also like the choice you made of doing a circle rather than the rectangle in the other bird and skull piece. It emphasizes the round nature of the owl's eyes.

Johnny said...

Valid points, man. I think I just dwelled on this one for too long and wanted to get it done with. Totally over-rendered too. Learnlearnlearn, onto the next piece!