12 August, 2010


Oh man, after hitting an art-block for the longest time I forget to post some things. There are always doodles and sketches for ideas that I have but never get to see the light of day... maybe I should start posting those. Might be good to post somewhat regularly, no?

Anyways, here is the DRPPL album cover I did a few months back.

The EP has been getting a lot of positive responses on different music blogs/websites/etc! It's great to see how far DRPPL have come along. It's kinda strange seeing the cover art on those sites... because if you think about it, visually, album art is synonymous with an EP or album. The art represents the music and the music represents the art... or atleast it used to. (The advent of digital downloads has diminished the excitement of album releases.) But I digress. I just hope the art meets the music/band/fans expectations.

And if you haven't gotten the EP yet, do yourself a favor and get it now! You won't be disappointed, promise.

Also, this (is pretty cool)-

Thanks for looking!

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