15 February, 2010

happy chinese new deer

Family, food, and fireworks. It's been good. I wish you and yours the best.

This doodle was inspired by fellow Gorilla Artfare member, Jens Classens. You should check out his work because it's great.

And another video of DEERPEOPLE doing what they do.


The N said...


羊芽 said...

happy new deer~xD

Jake said...

Kickass! Love the style.

dadu shin said...

haha this is great! inspired by jen's little explorer thing?
pencils are looking killer as well.

Johnny Shen said...

N/羊芽 - :)

Jake - Haha thanks, but I can't take credit

Dadu - Thanks for stopping by, dude. Been digging your recent sketchbook stuff. And yup, totally a Jens rip-off :)