02 December, 2009


This is another page I just finished... a combination of pencil, gouache, and ink. I had the opportunity to listen to George Pratt and Carl Dobsky the other night on conceptart.org's live-streaming sketchbook "clinic." Much thanks to them!... the information was invaluable and just what I needed to hear. The advice that stood out was how the sketchbook is a means to gather ideas and doesn't necessarily have to be perfect but to also be a passenger on the ride rather than a driver when drawing or painting... "happy accidents" ala Bob Ross. I've been having a good time getting lost in these last few pages and the next step is to put the same energy into finished work outside of the sketchbook.

Thanks for looking.



Jake said...

Very cool, I really like the texture in the background and the stars, the face is well drawn as well. I do think you could push the brightness of the value in the face to make it stand out more against the background, you have a perfect backdrop to frame the face and really make it pop, you just need to really slam it home. Just my two cents.

Johnny Shen said...

Jake - i'm a bit late but, thanks dood. Ur urts is looking good too.