06 November, 2009


Here's a page i've been working on the last couple of days. It started off as something completely different and took off on its own. I love when that happens. I'm always switching between sketchbooks and it feels good to leave some marks in this one again.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful piece of work - can't take my eyes away from her ;-)


Jake said...

Daaaaamn this is great too! Is that white gouache in the background?

Anonymous said...

hi johnny, its stephanie - be-a-utiful piece. :) post more!

Johnny Shen said...

@ cbyy - haha, thanks :)

@ Jake - gessooooo, thanks man

@ Stephanie - thanks, the comments help keep the art-train running

Bojana said...

Wonderful portrait!
You are very talented, keep up the great work :)