03 March, 2009

Landing Pt. II


The street where we get breakfast in Ipoh (Malaysia). It's been raining the last couple days.

Black eggs at the morning market. I didn't want to try them out.
Edit: The eggs are covered in mud, charcoal and other things and then they're hard boiled. Kind of like preserved salty fish.

Fish head curry, home cooked

I've got my own restaurant at the mall

Some people may get a kick out of this

Rusky watches you sleep at night

And a quick drawing from yesterday. I don't have a scanner here but really wanted to show everyone. Will post a higher-res if I get access to a scanner. I've got other sketches as well but those can wait.




Beata said...

How does one make... black eggs? o.O Sort of strange, but doesn't surprise me one bit! Definitely liking the 'Loller' and your restaurant.

Drawing scares the #$!? out of me, but then again, pretty much everything does these days. :P Looks good tho! Keep drawin'.

Things are pretty good here, Jake's parents were in town for a bit, but that's the only real excitement going on here lately. Oh yeah, and all of a sudden it got HOT. :C

Hope you're well and miss ya!

-- The female roomie

Nathan said...


..I must have them o___o