24 January, 2009

Blood and Curses

Here's a self portrait that started as a warm up but ended up being an all day/night experiment. It's a nice feeling when random experiments, oddly enough, have some sort of cohesion; like Bob Ross's notion of "happy accidents."

Also, today is the one year anniversary of Gorilla Art Fare! Can't believe it's already been a year! There's a giant collective of portraits from your favorite Gorillas.. check it out. Very glad to be a part of it :)

I've been listening to the Sweet Thieves recently released, and unfortunately final album, Blood and Curses a lot lately.

(cover art by Mike Viele)

They're a band that never got the attention they deserved in a sea of numerous noise-electro-folk-dance-gypsy-etc. acts in the Providence scene. Imagine Sonic Youth, Mission of Burma, a little Jaw Box, girl-boy vocals and a sense of urgency that only they could produce. Really cool and down to earth people, too. Their stage banter, dare I say somewhat similar to John Reis of Night Marchers/Rocket From the Crypt/Drive Like Jehu fame, was an added bonus to the already amazing live shows. It's unfortunate that the Sweet Thieves are done, my hats off to a favorite of mine these past few years. Good luck to each of them on their future endeavors.

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