02 August, 2008

Thanks :)

Here's a little somethin' somethin'. Another one of the better figures from quick-sketch, another session with the long-pose (one more week left, whee!), and an update on the moleskine page. Seems like the red tint from my curtains is more apparent at night for some reason...

And on a more personal level, i'd like to give thanks to those that have helped me out throughout the years. Sometimes I feel the need to show my appreciation, to my family and friends, thank you.

Take care,


Tom Scholes said...

Damn son! Love the moleskine.
I hear you stole JJ's pen?! From Korea?!

Anonymous said...

man, the second one (im assuming thats the long-study?) looks fantastic. keep on


Johnny Shen said...

Tom: Thanks yo. I got those pens if you want one... :)

P..ete?: Yup, long study. Thanks!