20 November, 2011


Day 3

Felt like hell all day.  My fluctuating temperature, phlegmy cough and achey bones kicked my ass and was not conducive in absorbing information.  But I tried my best.  This is when note taking was handy.  It makes for an interesting time deciphering the notes because some of them don't make sense from feeling delirious and groggy.  Terrific, just terrific.  Had to man up and just deal with it.  Coconut water and trace mineral packets were my best friend today.

Started the day off with watching Wes Burt and Daniel demoing.  Afterwards, I caught a presentation by Christian Alzmann, senior VFX art director at ILM.  He showed a couple of highlight reels from various projects in the past along with his personal work and explained how he got into the film industry.  It was inspiring to hear because he also mentioned being true to yourself in regards to drawing and painting... hit the nail on the head, real talk.

After that was a presentation by Aleksi Briclot and J.S. Rossbach on their work for the book "Merlin."  They went through their process from beginning to end - idea discussions and publisher talks, the design and look of the book and heavy deadlines while vacationing.  Learned a ton about graphical elements, symbols, repeated imagery and utilizing them to emphasize certain characters, ideas, and moods.  I'm not necessarily interested in fantasy work but this was one of the most informative presentations thus far.  It's funny how the presentations I didn't think would be interesting or pay attention to were the exact opposite.  Surprised?  Yes, but in a good way.

In between presentations I watched Kim Cogan, David Kassan, and Shawn Barber totally killing it in the traditional room.  Those guys are bad ay all the way.  Who wants to paint in oils now?... this guy.
After dinner was the Safehouse Atelier show.  It was great seeing the work in person and getting to meet Safehouse students.  One of my favorite pieces at the show was by Rod Luff, a fellow Gorilla.  The piece is gorgeous but stands out so much more in person.  Photos don't do it justice.  It was great getting to see students' workspaces and studios as well.  Makes me want a personal studio of my own... can someone hook that up for me?

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