18 November, 2011

MB SF (pre-workshop)


So here I am at the hotel room.  My friend Tim and I made it in at about 7PM... 6 hours of travel time.  We're staying at the Good Hotel, an "eco-friendly" hotel, apparently.  Noticed a blank skate deck melded into the table at the hotel lobby and thought, "I've got to copy that table design."  The room itself has lights that sense when you enter and turn off when you leave.  And there's a sink to wash your hands above the toilet that activates after you flush.  The water goes back into the tank or something like that.  It's supposedly pet friendly, too.

The weather here is nice.  Well, atleast nicer than the bone chilling wind and frost in Stillwater.  I tripped over myself and my suitcase while we were at the BART...
that happens to everyone, right?  (We won't go into details about that...  BEAUTIFUL GIRL *ahem*)

Got a slice of pizza, a pint, and made a stop at the convenience store after checking into our room.  It was strange seeing the OSU football game broadcasted at both places.  Can't seem to escape OSU football for some reason.  We met a couple of workshop kids sharing their portfolios in the lobby and randomly ran into an old friend I met at the last San Francisco workshop in 2006.  We're meeting others at 8:30AM to trek to the workshop venue.  Nothing exciting happened tonight but that's to be expected.  Tomorrow is a different story.


Tim said...

Haha classic cute girl rubbernecking moment! ;)

Johnny said...

Sometimes it just happens and then sometimes you trip.